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Atlanta native Shannon Lewis is the owner and operator of SL Hair Studio.

She is a Licensed Cosmetologist with over fifteen years of salon experience. Within seven of those years she developed a loved for the Natural Hair Community, and found a niche in caring for and styling natural hair. Thus becoming an Educator and Healthy Hare Care Specialist in the Atlanta/Midtown/Buckhead area.

As a Master Natural Stylist her specialties include Flat Twist Styling, Rod Sets, Protective Styling, Two Strand Twists, Finger Coils, Natural Curl Enhancements, and Ceramic Press Straightening. Shannon's ability to style all textures and curl types is what keeps her clientele going strong.

SL Hair Studio's mission is to help each client develop a healthy hair regimen that correlates with their everyday lifestyle. Whether it is product selection or styling options in the salon or at home. Her goal is to help each person to embrace every kinky, curly, and coily strand that beautifully grows from their head!


Natural hair has so much character, and diversity, and once clients are educated, they are properly able to care for their hair and also see the beauty in their crowns in which they were perfectly made:)

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